· 10.4 inch high resolution and contrast LED screen, satisfy high-definition visual enjoyment.
· Silicone backlit keyboard design, equipped with photoelectric trackball and encoder ,
make operation easier.
· Good quality hardware and software bring comfortable operating experience.

Many common material used in the electronic industry can bring harm effect to human or the earth. 
Therefore we design and produce some new material which is more cleaner and safer and reduce 
or eliminate these poisonous substance. Meanwhile, we adopt the supply chain management system 
and necessary methods, such as test, inspection and commitment. These measures make sure that 
our product does not contains the six kinds of poisonous substance and we have successfully got 
through the certification of ROHS.

· Standard workstation software, easily transfer, manage and print document.
· Internal D disk for volume storage of diagnostic data, image, patient report, and be upgraded by U disk.

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